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Aurealea Moore

A few days before Christmas the property manager called me and said that someone in a tax credit apartment in my building would be moving out, and offered me the available tax credit for the unit I’m in! She said that each apartment building on the property has to have 4 tax credit units. She also said that if someone who was currently living in a tax credit unit moves out, she has the ability to offer anyone in another unit in the same building who may need rental assistance she could make that unit she could/would offer a tax credit to them.

I signed a new lease in July/August of 2021 for a flat rent price of $1455/month. My utilities are added to the rental amount (although everyone receives a separate bill from Great American Utility Co.) and the entire amount is written to the complex. How the complex pays Great American Utility I don’t know. 

Near the end of January 2022, I signed a new lease for $1136/month (starting February 1st,  2022) covering rent AND utilities! What a relief! A savings of at least $319/mo?! Crazy! 

  I haven’t been able to pay my entire rent amount for a number of years now, my folks have been helping me with the rest. As of 2022, I’m receiving $1292/month (a 5.9% increase) in SSI. My folks will still be helping me, but WOW! I’ve usually paid the majority of my rent, and my folks pick up whatever is leftover (+ utilities). I will continue to pay the majority of the rent, but my folks will continue to pick up the rest ($250/month).

Someone may ask why I haven’t gotten this before since I’ve been living there since 2003. That’s a long(er) story so let bygones be bygones. 

My unit is a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom unit COMPLETELY WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE! I had a roommate, but have been living alone for quite a few years now. I don’t want a smaller unit as I use the empty bedroom to store my medical supplies and a power chair. The garages are an additional $90/month.