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About Us

Colorado Homes for All (COHFA), is a hub of Right to the City Alliance National is a Coalition of organizations that have come together from every corner of Colorado to establish a different vision and to build a grassroots housing movement for equity and justice for all people. We are centered around the value that housing is a human right and have structured this Coalition to uplift the leadership and voices of those who are directly impacted by the housing crisis and unfair tenant conditions. COHFA believes that how a policy is passed and whose voices are included in drafting solutions is just as important as the solutions themselves.

We believe that housing is a human right and not a commodity.

We believe that land and housing should be community-owned.

Since 2016

The coalition that eventually became Colorado Homes For All came together at the end of Spring 2016 for the first time to plan an action for the National Renter’s Day of Action, which took place on September 22nd, 2016. As we continue to develop our coalition, we are looking to include groups from all over the state to make it clear that this is not just an urban issue.

Steering Committee Members

Coalition Members